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Talk-N-Angels Radio Show 

This show is no longer being produced.  


Talk-N-Angels Radio Show started in 2009 with Anne Ford and Rita Strough, two friends who love angels.  They were guided to create the show by the angels, and it grew into a weekly format offering information, messages and lots of laughter.  By the end of 2010, Anne decided to leave the show and produce her own show called "Connect With Your Guardian Angel with Anne"  She continues to provide messages and inspiration on a variety of social media platforms.  

Rita continued to produce Talk-N-Angels Radio Show, then in late December of 2010 she invited her friend Michael Gross to the show as a guest to talk about his concept called "Be Your Own Wingman".  Mike's teachings are all about shifting your vibration to a positive nature, using positive affirmations and what he calls his "one minute practices."

By 2017, Rita and Mike had been doing the show together for seven years, even during those times when Mike was traveling the world visiting places like Thailand, England and Viet Nam to name a few.  During those travels, Mike and his wife Janet met and conversed with many spiritual people and had adventures of their own that helped to shape and define Mike's messages of positive thinking.  In 2020, Mike published his first book, "The Wingman's Path to Positivity" which was received with great interest and excitement by the community that gathered around him through his work offering daily inspiration through his Facebook Page by the same name. It is available on Amazon now and it's worth the read because it's a fun read and provides valuable practices anyone can use to raise their vibration and maintain a positive mindset.  More information can be found at Mike's site

In 2017, Rita opened a spiritual community center called Just Breathe in her hometown of Cinnaminson, NJ.  The center operates as a space for teachers and students to meet for classes and for practitioners to meet clients for one-on-one counseling and healing sessions.  It has become a gathering place for the community to come together and find kindred spirits.  The welcoming, calming environment is a safe space for spiritual exploration and has become a platform for new teachers to launch their ideas and classes.  Currently, the format is shifting due to the pandemic which has prevented gathering physically together.  Classes are being reformatted to be offered virtually using technology to bridge the gap.  Visit Just Breathe's website at for more information.

Rita continues to offer her individual and group sessions and is currently working on her first book.  As a spiritual channel, Rita connects with many beings including angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, animal spirit guides, elementals and other high-vibrating multi-dimensional beings.  These beings provide wisdom downloads through Rita's channel and have helped to explain and guide us into a new understanding of ourselves as whole beings, offering support for everyone who is going through the awakening process and ascending to higher levels of consciousness.  Rita connects also with an individual's own spiritual support team, higher self and past lives during one-on-one sessions which help unlock information and guidance, bringing it into the conscious mind for healing and transformation. For more information, please visit Rita's website

While Talk-N-Angels Radio Show is no longer in production, there are a few archived shows on   Rita, Mike and Anne are each individually continuing to produce audio and video for the public.  For more information, please visit their websites and social media locations.  

Thank you for your support and love!!

Rita, Mike and Anne

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